Outsourced CFO services
Our big 10-year goal:
Help small businesses to increase their profits by $1 billion
For whom
Businesses with:
revenue starting from 50 000+ EUR/month
5+ employees
What's in the business now?
  • I don't understand how much business earns and how much to take from it
  • Instant lack of cash
  • I have an accountant, but I add up management numbers by myself
  • Feeling like full absence of control
  • I have profit, but little money for further investing
  • Stopped even thinking of dividends

These make only part in a whole spectrum of pains
With a CFO - the money is under control, company value builds up, the owner gets dividends
What does CFO do?
Management accounting
Constructs the accounting and sets up regular collection and processing of accounting data.
Management reports
Prepares regular reports on important financial metrics, helps to interpret them and to use in decision making
Implements and controls budgeting process, analyses the deviations. Spots the turning points in earnings and reduction of expenses
Estimates the profitability of whole business, business segments, new projects and initiatives. Points the direction of potentially beneficial investment of resources
Financial model
Composes and supports running of the company's principal financial document - financial model. It will help to make scenario analysis of different strategies and options, to plan investments and evaluate the value of your company
Organises and controls cash flow forecasts. This helps to avoid cash gaps (temporary lack of money), to plan important payments and to timely get dividends.
It is much more easy to run a company having operating dashboard with key business real-time metris, and keeping them under control, reach business goals quicker
Advises the owner and coaches internal financier
Taxes planning
Helps with tax planning
Helps to increase investment readiness, so current and potential investors get correct financial picture. And helps in negotiations with them.
We work online and communicate over agreed channels. We have strict technical and ethical standards for client service.
Issues we help to cope with
Results' unpredictability
Unclear - what our actions led to such results
How to boost profits?
We work hard but margin is weak. What do we have change to increase revenues?
I see profits, but have no money
Profit are only on paper, but no cash on account. Often - stressful lack of liquidity for regular spendings and investments
Who we are:
Ukraine-based remote CFO outsourcing agency

Andrey Yakshin
  • Professional CFO
  • Expertise: management accounts, budgeting, financial planning, financial models. Nice audit & consulting experience in Deloitte
  • Made tens of financial models, leads clients as CFO
  • Business-finance coach
  • Together with Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, created edu-course on business finance and financial planning for local entrepreneur
Fedor Nesterov
  • Experienced CFO
  • Expertise: financial planning, business-modeling, business development, managing people, change management
  • Business-consultant with 150+ projects
  • 4 books on entrepreneurship and management
Our uniqeness
Our team - finance professionals with 5+ years of experience as CFO in small and middle-sized businesses.
We believe smart finance managment must give value to business and have a multiple pay-off
Our CFOs are aimed at result, have strategic thinking and analysitcal skill. They can and want to deliver value
Our Clients
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